Tourist information for visitors to Montespertoli, Italy

The municipality of Montespertoli is located in the hills of the Chianti wine zone above the Val d'Elsa in Tuscany, Italy. Its wines are not Chianti Classico but are a separate Chianti DOC. The area has been important to trade since Etruscan times, and Florentine trade with Volterra and Sienna was facilitated by the Via Volterrana, which crossed the territory of Montespertoli from north to south and joined the Via Francigena near Certaldo.

Montespertoli is 25km from Florence, Sienna, Pisa, Volterra and San Gimignano.

There are several famous castles in the area, including Lucardo, Botinaccio, Poppiano, Montefugoni and Sonnino, and the Renaissance church of Sant'Andrea in Montespertoli.

Horse and wagon excursions near Montespertoli

A wonderful activity for your kids in Tuscany

Montespertoli is an easy drive from Florence and can also be reached by public transport, so if you're trying to think of a fun activity for your children while you're in Tuscany - here it is! A horse and wagon excursion through the Tuscan countryside. And this is not just a kids' activity. For the grownups, there are wine-tastings available, as well as castle visits and country dining. More about Luca Perrotta's horse drawn wagon tours in Tuscany.

There are a number of annual festivals that are worth a look:

Chianti Festival - 1st week June, Montespertoli

2015 Chianti wine festival Montespertoli
58a Mostra del Chianti Montespertoli

30 May to 7 June 2015

2015 Chianti wine festival Montespertoli  58a Mostra del Chianti Montespertoli

La Madia dei Sapori  and local market in Castello di Poppiano.

Festa del Vino Novello - November for the new wine festival in Montespertoli.

White Truffle Festival - November, Montspertoli.

Vinsanto Exhibition - November, Montespertoli.

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Your Tuscany vacation accommodation near Montespertoli

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Villa Le Torri is a magnificent Tuscan villa that offers holiday apartments for 2 to 4 persons in the Tuscan countryside just 25 minutes by car from Florence. All of the apartments have a fully-equipped kitchen and free WiFi access. Villa Le Torri is famous for its beautiful grounds and gardens which are the setting for the guests' swimming pool. There are panoramic views in every direction. More about the Tuscan vacation apartments at Villa Le Torri.

Montespertoli wine route

Montespertoli wine route

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